‘Whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers, you did for me’

(Mt 25:40)


We already have:
PLN 371,184
We need:
PLN 1,000,000
371,184 zł

Our humanitarian aid shipments are
reaching Ukraine. Every day we are
struggling to widen the reach of our aid.

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Why work with Caritas?

Welcome to a place where two worlds – meet – people with disabilities, suffering and poverty, and volunteers and community workers helping their fellow humans.

Everyone faces their own weaknesses on a daily basis. However, we believe that together we are able to self-improve and help others improve through the power of the most important commandment, love thy neighbour.

We try to reach everyone, but our resources are limited. Your help will allow us to widen our activities and reach out to those who really need us.

Our origins date back to 1924. We have been sharing the good for nearly 100 years.

One of the main tasks of the Church is to preach Caritas. Caritas means love.


See how Caritas has made a difference to these people’s lives:

So far we have helped … people. Learn their story and see how little it takes to change someone’s life
and help people in their difficult life situations together with Caritas.

The story of Antoni

Antoni. How did I end up here? Well, the usual way. I was poor, I had nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat. I sat with my friends and we drank… alcohol – unfortunately.

The story of Adam

When Adam was born, the doctors said he had no chance of survival. When he survived, he was not to walk, not to speak not to understand the world around him. His life was a long…

The story of Ala

Until March 2022, Ala led a quiet life as a wife, mother and grandmother. She grew up in the belief that Ukrainians and Russians were two nations close to each other…

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