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On 24 February, the lives of millions of people across our eastern border turned into hell. We all remember the crowds of war refugees at the border, the mothers with their children camping out at railway stations and the great stirring of people’s hearts. A huge wave of refugees swept through Poland. Although the media has quietened down somewhat and our eyes and ears have quickly become accustomed to war, it is still ongoing and cruel. Caritas in Katowice has been working without a moment’s pause since the conflict broke out. We have staff and volunteers working with full commitment every single day. Dozens of people use the accommodation every day. Among the crowd of needy people, there is a group that requires our special attention and care: those who have experienced the death of loved ones and those living with the heavy trauma of a brutal war etched on their faces. It is for them that we are organising our fundraiser.


We would like to respond to the needs of those affected by the war, as much as we can. We are working to help everyone we serve make their dreams come true. We want to completely renovate the property in Jaworzynka and create a house of rest there. Our goal is to raise PLN 1 million. With this amount we can apply thermal insulation, create rooms for the disabled, bathrooms and a kitchen. This home is to bring solace to women and children fleeing poverty and inner suffering. Caritas is involved in helping many people directly affected by the war. Kharkiv, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Chernichov and Bucha are the places from where most refugees have come to Katowice.


In addition to the house of rest in Jaworzynka, the funds will be used for the daily operation of the Centre for Migrants and Refugees in Katowice. Food and water may seem like small needs, but multiplied by the number of people Caritas deals with on a daily basis, they represent a very large financial burden. Accommodation, medical care, psychological support, learning the Polish language or translating documents are long-term activities that we will be involved in until at least the end of 2023.

At Caritas, we are aware that our nations are divided by history, but we remember the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew, 25:40) That is why we do not strive for divisions, but place our trust in love. The practical dimension of that love is mercy. When we overcome weakness and discouragement, unexpected and beautiful things happen, and the good work of volunteers and supporters far exceeded our boldest expectations. The Kingdom of God is upon us!

We do not focus on the bad, but try to fight for the good. Openness to the other makes it possible for us to experience mutual giving alongside all the evils of war, fear, suffering and death.

Don’t let yourself get used to war and harm. Our campaign is not just about raising money, “it is about standing up for life, it is about looking for the good in other people, giving hope, love, faith, lifting their spirits”.

Become one of us through support and help. Let’s do good together. You are welcome!

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Why work with Caritas?

Welcome to a place where two worlds – meet – people with disabilities, suffering and poverty, and volunteers and community workers helping their fellow humans.

Everyone faces their own weaknesses on a daily basis. However, we believe that together we are able to self-improve and help others improve through the power of the most important commandment, love thy neighbour.

We try to reach everyone, but our resources are limited. Your help will allow us to widen our activities and reach out to those who really need us.

Our origins date back to 1924. We have been sharing the good for nearly 100 years.

One of the main tasks of the Church is to preach Caritas. Caritas means love.

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